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Will sending multiple transactions to the same address compromise other addresses in the same deterministic wallet? - Bitcoin

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Max Keiser Says America is Lagging Behind on Bitcoin - CryptoCurrency

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BitcoinMarkets 8 3
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BATProject 5 14
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Particl 2 3
GolemProject 1 1
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What would the crypto world be better off without? 115 19 CryptoCurrency
Moon Faucet is now live 99 50 CryptoCurrency
If BTC and ETH die! Who will take the number one spot? 80 8 CryptoCurrency
When you have the chance to become a whale, what would you do? 74 18 CryptoCurrency
If you suddenly made $50 Million from crypto. What would you do? 67 11 CryptoCurrency
What is your best crypto investing advice? (Wrong Answers Only) 66 7 CryptoCurrency
Oh boy, what is up with the Crypto Market?! 65 16 CryptoCurrency
First investment in crypto, any advice? 63 18 CryptoCurrency
Jim Cramer telling crypto holders to sell because of China's Evergrande and ties to Tether. What are your plans? Holding or Selling? 61 8 CryptoCurrency
Does your spouse/partner/family/friend know about your crypto, where it’s stored and what to do with it if you die? 60 20 CryptoCurrency
It happens to everyone, finally to me as well. Write down your vault seed phrase somewhere if you haven't already. Don't put it off. Do it right now. 60 19 CryptoCurrency
Historical Moon Karma Ratio 59 15 CryptoCurrency
Different ways to earn moon's, to the newbies 56 0 CryptoCurrency
Am I the only one that doesn't invest in Bitcoin hardly at all? 55 6 CryptoCurrency
Stop checking the charts every 5 minutes and set some alerts! Crypto could be our future, but remember to enjoy the present. 54 24 CryptoCurrency
Tell me your favorite cryptocurrency without telling me it’s name 54 9 CryptoCurrency
Tell or not tell about crypto to family and friends. What is your position on this? 51 14 CryptoCurrency
You have a magic fast forward button. Would you press it to speed up time to see what crypto prices will be faster? 50 5 CryptoCurrency
Most people are manually calculating their average buy price wrong. *Math* 49 16 CryptoCurrency
Daily Discussion - September 26, 2021 (GMT+0) 49 3 CryptoCurrency
Reminder: Outlandish predictions for crypto prices ($100k, $300k, $500k Bitcoin etc) are mostly published to farm clicks and statistical models that prove it are usually reverse engineered. 49 28 CryptoCurrency
International family emergency? Crypto FTW 🙌🥇🏆 45 29 CryptoCurrency
Almost 50% of crypto holders trust celebrities’ advice, survey says 42 13 CryptoCurrency
Looking for advice. I have invested 0.00€ so far. Looking for a long term investments twice a month. 42 3 CryptoCurrency
What happends when America bans crypto? 41 6 CryptoCurrency
What do you plan to do with the money if you manage to earn it by trading cryptocurrencies? 40 9 CryptoCurrency
Venmo offering $25 to buy $25 in Crypto on their app! Bullish! 40 14 CryptoCurrency
Microsoft Files Patent to Use Your Brain Waves to Mine Cryptocurrency 39 13 CryptoCurrency
What is a coin that is not in the top 500 that you really like and why? 39 2 CryptoCurrency
Distribution snapshot in three (3) days 38 11 CryptoCurrency
The Internet Computer was worth hundred billions. Until it wasn’t. Price crashed 93.47% from all time high. 38 14 CryptoCurrency
Do you have an exit strategy/specific goal in mind, or plan on being a lifelong crypto investor? 38 4 CryptoCurrency
What is your crypto endgame? 38 10 CryptoCurrency
Snoop Dogg has accumulated $ 17 million in NFT 37 8 CryptoCurrency
Hate doge all you want but you can't deny that doge opened the path for a lot of people to enter the crypto space 37 7 CryptoCurrency
Domino’s worker took it really bad when I asked if I could pay for pizza with Crypto 36 9 CryptoCurrency
You know that absolute NOBODY knows shit about fu*k when a hamster makes money in crypto. 36 10 CryptoCurrency
Please help me in suggesting any good projects to add to my current portfolio. 36 9 ethtrader
What can cause a crypto crash of 80%-90%? Is it Likely? 35 5 CryptoCurrency
Humble brag about your best Crypto experience! 35 6 CryptoCurrency
How would you consider your success this bullrun⁉️ 35 3 CryptoCurrency
This Community Should Ban Together And Ban China Product Purchases!!! Sick Of Their FUD!! 35 6 CryptoCurrency
Always be on the lookout for free crypto! 35 5 CryptoCurrency
Early doge buyer now a gme investor! Doge is way overvalued do the research this is cominh from a OG 34 0 dogecoin
Moons Hopium: 4 days until Karma Snapshot day and the ratio is looking good, low-effort spam content is down in the Daily; there's a happier feel to the sub. 34 6 CryptoCurrency
SafeMoon remains in a downtrend torward $0.000001 34 9 CryptoCurrency
If you could receive some of your pay in crypto, denominated in crypto, would you actually do it? 34 5 CryptoCurrency
Should we feel sorry for people who bought shitcoins and lost money despite warnings? 33 8 CryptoCurrency
Heard about Bitcoin in 2013 33 13 CryptoCurrency
The 3rd largest Bitcoin whale wallet added another 208 BTC yesterday at $44.6k for a total of $9.2M. While weak hands continue selling, our whale friend continues to scoop up cheap BTC. 33 33 CryptoCurrency
Music company buys NFT of 'Side-eyeing Chloe' meme 33 2 CryptoCurrency
A little reminder that Cardano Summit starts today. If not interested skip this post. 33 12 CryptoCurrency
Daytrading - looking for advice from experienced traders 32 12 CryptoCurrency
Moon Snapshot Day coming up Wednesday! Predictions 32 3 CryptoCurrency
Can "Crypto games" change the gaming industry? (Play 2 Earn, NFTs, etc...) 32 4 CryptoCurrency
What are your prices for the bigger coins where you always start buying them at? 31 9 CryptoCurrency
What is something negative about your favorite crypto that you own? 31 3 CryptoCurrency
Serious question, I have about 609 doge as of right now. Is the price going to keep dropping or will it ever go back up? I’ve been holding but have seen only a loss as of now. Is this a serious investment and should I continue to hodl? 31 5 dogecoin
I do not trust in future coin predictions made by "experts" 31 21 CryptoCurrency
Idiot proof way to read charts 31 0 CryptoCurrency
How many of you have managed to shift your mindset about cryptocurrency to be a currency in its own right? 30 10 CryptoCurrency
Top Analyst Maps Bitcoin and Cardano Price Trajectories, Warns Best Entry Point for ADA May Be Gone 30 7 CryptoCurrency
MOON day is coming and get ready to be MOONed! For those who still haven't set up your vault, do yourself a favor and get it done! 30 7 CryptoCurrency
Exchanges in the United States? 30 6 CryptoCurrency
I'm in negotiations right now with a buyer for my houses. It's looking pretty good 30 9 CryptoCurrency
Can Bitcoin Surpass $6,000,000? Ethereum and Polkadot Creator, Gavin Andresen, Details Possible Future of Crypto 30 12 CryptoCurrency
I begged them to invest 29 4 CryptoCurrency
As a millennial this kind of stuff really grinds my gears 29 15 CryptoCurrency
Gonna do my own research than follow the "EXPERSTS ADVICE" on investment in this sub . 29 3 CryptoCurrency
do not get discouraged to sell 29 10 CryptoCurrency
‘I believe in my projects’ does not mean your coin will succeed. 29 1 CryptoCurrency
This man just said Cardano has outgrown its developer and thats the most bullish thing Ive ever heard from a crypto founder. 28 15 CryptoCurrency
What is Tezos - XTZ? Explained like you are a 5 years old! 28 6 CryptoCurrency
Your worst crypto mistakes 28 0 CryptoCurrency
Gavin Andresen Publishes Theory of Possible Crypto Future: Whales Shut Down the BTC Network in the Year 2100 28 9 CryptoCurrency
I actually SPENT crypto to buy sunglasses and it feels awesome! 27 7 CryptoCurrency
"29 members of Congress have violated a law designed to root out insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest." Imagine my surprise.. 27 17 CryptoCurrency
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest Buys $89M Worth of Twitter the Bitcoin Tips Integration 27 8 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin (BTC) Fractal Suggests Rise to $250-350k by late 2021 27 7 CryptoCurrency
Being Scottish, I always laugh seeing all the FUD being spread on this subreddit… 27 13 CryptoCurrency
A simple reason why China FUD will always hit crypto hard. 27 23 CryptoCurrency
Bull market makes me depressed 27 5 CryptoCurrency
Turkey’s Erdogan should learn a bit of history before declaring war on cryptocurrencies. 1 USD = 9 Lira in 1969 but 1 USD = 1,350,000 Lira in 2005. 27 18 CryptoCurrency
Why China Finally Decided to Ban Bitcoin 27 0 CryptoCurrency
What is the general consensus about Crypto.com and CRO? 26 8 CryptoCurrency
Which individual knows most about the potential of bitcoin? 26 5 CryptoCurrency
A hamster has been trading cryptocurrencies in a cage rigged to automatically buy and sell tokens since June - and it's currently outperforming the S&P 500 26 12 CryptoCurrency
Crypto Analytics Firm Says Speculators Are ‘Moving On’ From Ethereum – Here’s Why 26 9 CryptoCurrency
Does anyone actually use crypto for it's intended purpose? 26 8 CryptoCurrency
Why do people suddenly care about the environment? 26 4 CryptoCurrency
Caption contest! Will gift my favorite comment 100 Doge! 26 10 dogecoin
Governer of Wyoming just signed a bill declaring Bitcoin mining using wasted or flared natural gas exempt from taxation 26 31 CryptoCurrency
How stupid can everyone be? 25 0 CryptoCurrency
How I turned walnuts into crypto 25 12 CryptoCurrency
There's only enough BAT for every internet user to have 0.33 BAT each 25 11 CryptoCurrency
What cryptoassets are actually shitcoins but everyone else treats it like a fundamentally strong project? 25 2 CryptoCurrency
Little disappointed... 25 0 cardano
Please, start using 2FA if you don’t have it yet. It’s the least you could do. 25 12 CryptoCurrency
Profits 25 6 CryptoCurrency
Crypto Adoption Is Surging Globally -- but Not in the U.S. 25 18 CryptoCurrency