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Polygon to Delegate $189M Worth of MATIC to Bitfinex for Staking - ethtrader

What do you guys think about oxen, session chat and lokinet? - Monero

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CryptoCurrency 3395 88
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loopringorg 781 392
ethtrader 752 65
Bitcoin 535 103
cardano 319 186
CryptoMarkets 206 40
ethereum 195 88
btc 132 29
Monero 80 44
kucoin 71 20
nanocurrency 28 24
bitcoincashSV 26 5
litecoin 26 14
Ripple 20 37
Vechain 20 24
Stellar 17 27
decentraland 13 10
Bitcoincash 13 17
siacoin 12 12
WAX_io 12 2
eos 12 5
CryptoTechnology 12 7
zilliqa 11 11
BATProject 10 7
BitcoinMarkets 10 8
SysCoin 8 14
NEO 8 11
EthereumClassic 7 4
Tronix 6 8
lbry 5 4
helloicon 5 7
xmrtrader 4 3
dashpay 4 7
NavCoin 4 4
GolemProject 4 3
MakerDAO 3 1
Iota 3 9
OriginTrail 2 12
vertcoin 2 0
OntologyNetwork 1 1
Bancor 1 2
BinanceExchange 1 1
EnjinCoin 1 11
peercoin 1 2

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Why is everyone so sure that crypto will always bounce back strong at some point? 91 36 CryptoCurrency
Best bargain on this red candle day? 76 6 CryptoCurrency
I was able to use Crypto profits for my Grandmother's Cancer operation and treatment. Feels pretty good! 46 88 CryptoCurrency
Billionaire crypto geeks say they want to replace mothers with 'synthetic wombs' 45 11 CryptoCurrency
How I lost quite alot of money in cryto 42 23 CryptoCurrency
Eat your LOOPS‼️ New Tweet 40 16 loopringorg
Elon worship? 38 0 dogecoin
SundaeSwap launching tomorrow, thought on Cardano? 37 8 CryptoCurrency
If Robin-hood goes belly up. Your crypto is not covered. Food for your mind. 37 12 dogecoin
Bitcoins that are trading on exchanges aren’t bitcoins. When you hold BTC on exchanges you don't hold Bitcoin but " Bitcoin IOU". 36 17 CryptoCurrency
How come the Ethereum "community" hasn't lowered the gas fees yet, since eth is so "decentralized"? 34 0 ethereum
The first thing I would ask would be how did I live 1000 years 34 6 ethtrader
12 reasons Cardano can't scale in 2022 34 13 CryptoCurrency
Cardano is a joke and people still drinking the Kool-Aid. Why do you believe in ADA when the tech just isn’t there? 31 0 CryptoCurrency
Crypto scams. How not to fall for them. What to do if you have fallen for one. I made a promise and this is an attempt at keeping it. 31 11 CryptoCurrency
Bull or bear it's the same 30 376 dogecoin
Why do people think that the ban of mining will have any significant impact on the fight against global warming? 30 13 CryptoCurrency
Cardano fees 500x cheaper than Ethereum 29 186 cardano
Vitalik: Crypto can fight economic disparities of marriage+children & “Synthetic wombs would remove the high burden of pregnancy, significantly reducing the inequality.” Bullish Synthetic wombs 29 13 CryptoCurrency
Litecoin seems to be getting alot of attention here 28 6 CryptoCurrency
Layerswap LRC fees 28 80 loopringorg
Best and safest way to gain APY on stable coins? 28 4 CryptoCurrency
POWER TO THE PLAYERS 28 392 loopringorg
Influencers are pushing NFT/Metaverse onto you- companies are using it as form of advertising. Be. Careful. 27 19 CryptoCurrency
What is aura bitcoin and is it legit? 27 0 CryptoCurrency
Most here were greedy like me. Let’s learn and change that for 2022/2023 26 10 CryptoCurrency
USD Coin (USDC) Surpassed Tether on the Ethereum Blockchain 26 17 CryptoCurrency
How much is your portfolio worth in fiat? How to deal with unrealized losses? 25 2 CryptoCurrency
NOW‼️ 25 123 loopringorg
The 5 Promising Blockchain Projects Leading The Way Forward For Decentralized Technology In 2022 25 16 CryptoMarkets
What opportunities are left for this market cycle? 24 7 CryptoCurrency
Goldman Sachs in 2017: Only Criminals use Bitcoin | Goldman Sachs in 2022 after their Rich Clients invest: Bitcoin is competing with Gold and could reach to $100,000 24 14 CryptoCurrency
Mainstream Adoption to Take Center Stage in 2022 as Blockchain’s Maturation Endures 24 17 CryptoMarkets
I'm here for the gains, the tech (more than I thought) and because I Hate Banks! 24 9 CryptoCurrency
How many times did you win gamble? Invested in low cap coin and price went up 24 9 CryptoCurrency
Uhh......did I just lose all my LRC? 24 4 loopringorg
So this is how the creator of dogecoin reacts to people who ask about missing funds from the Dev-Fund of dogecoin. The asked questions have even been brought up by some Devs, this is the reaction of Billy Markus. Not so Humble in my oppinion and those are not even the worst things he ever said. 23 3 dogecoin
A young man in India was arrested for alleged usage of a drug called hopium. 23 5 CryptoCurrency
Hodl on to your helmets, good things come to those who HODL 23 93 loopringorg
Doge Rudy part 1.... 23 70 dogecoin
Reddit Cofounder Says 90% Of Games In 5 Years Will Be Blockchain ‘Play-To-Earn’ Titles 23 7 CryptoCurrency
Showtime: NFT tickets take the stage in 2022, connecting artists and fans 23 13 CryptoCurrency
Google executive says they are considering allowing users to store crypto in digital cards. 22 2 CryptoCurrency
Ethereum Founder and Another Tech Entrepreneur Propose Shifting the Burden of Pregnancy to “Synthetic Wombs” 22 1 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin Looks Ready For Another Test Of The $40K Level 22 2 CryptoCurrency
Hey y’all it’s my birthday today! I’ve been so exited about it lately and since I don’t have my parents with me anymore I was gonna go out with my friends and now with the covid variant I can’t lol, all by myself for the second year in a row but I can party with you guys! And my “friends” later🎊🎊🥳🥳 21 7 dogecoin
Gold Miner Says Investors Prefer Hedging Against Inflation With Gold, Not Crypto 21 6 CryptoCurrency
will eth ever hit 4k again? 21 4 ethtrader
Much wow 🔥 21 0 dogecoin
This was posted by a Twitter account with 4 million followers 20 1 CryptoCurrency
Emotions will lose your money! 20 11 CryptoCurrency
Cardano is my personal favorite crypto 20 6 CryptoCurrency
I feel like Crypto Exchanges are manipulating the price. 20 7 CryptoCurrency
I would’ve made 6 figures last year if I just did this one thing… 20 10 CryptoCurrency
I think that even if I find a coin that will do x1000 up, I will still sell it long time before it reaches some big price 20 15 CryptoCurrency
Wtf is Metis.. been an LRC bog bag holder for a while and just come across this.. why are we not number 1? Also this metis looks like it knows it shit. Anyone tell me this isn’t a concern please? 20 8 loopringorg
Most Investors (especially new ones) are better off using a CEX for their crypto ventures 19 17 CryptoCurrency
Ask Yourself: What is the 'What If?' Question Before Buying a Coin 19 6 CryptoCurrency
Third-Largest Ethereum Whale Just Spent $14 Million on MANA, SAND and CQT 19 6 CryptoCurrency
Which trend are you certain will be hot trend in 2022? 19 6 CryptoCurrency
Gaming YouTubers have had their likenesses stolen and sold as NFTs 19 7 CryptoCurrency
EU Regulator calls for ban on Proof-of-Work mining used by Bitcoin — Meanwhile bankings energy costs are calculated around 100 terawatts per year. This is almost double that of Bitcoin. 19 7 CryptoCurrency
Tesla spotted doge 19 51 dogecoin
How many times did you win gamble? 19 4 CryptoCurrency
Over 64% Canadians Desire To Be Paid in Cryptocurrency As per Survey 18 2 CryptoCurrency
A User Lost 26 Bitcoin To A Scammer Pretending To Be MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor - The Crypto Basic 18 13 CryptoCurrency
Crypto.com Breached (15M+ stolen) & lots of effected users 18 5 CryptoCurrency
Crypto Investment Platforms Must Adopt This To Expand Services 18 13 CryptoMarkets
Why Wall Street Attempts to Suppress Bitcoin Price will Ultimately Backfire and Favor Diamond Handed Hodlers (I tried to simplify it - this is important!) 18 7 CryptoCurrency
Mexico using pig manure to mine Bitcoin: Watch how Biomining converts shit to digital gold 18 14 CryptoCurrency
What's the worst looking chart right now? 18 7 CryptoCurrency
My Last LRC air drop today ! Enjoy 😉 18 40 loopringorg
Days After Alleged $33M Hack, Crypto.com Is Still Silent 17 0 CryptoCurrency
How I deal with bad trades 17 13 ethtrader
May we have a mement of your time? 17 101 dogecoin
Crash coming? 17 0 Bitcoin
Crypto is a low-knowledge market, find people who share knowledge and follow them into the light 💡 -- A reflection for a red candle day 17 3 CryptoCurrency
Multidog wallet gone after creating password 17 2 dogecoin
How do I earn money from jobs online? 17 6 CryptoCurrency
The Anti-Crypto sub 17 5 CryptoCurrency
Artist stealing $84.000, and sending a museum 2 blank canvases i art, but NFTs are a scam? 17 6 CryptoCurrency
Crypto.com’s hack is a wake up call for people to stop putting all their funds on CEXs 17 1 CryptoCurrency
UK inflation jumps to highest level in 30 years 17 9 CryptoCurrency
No, Dogecoin can't be "Rug pulled at any moment" 17 6 CryptoCurrency
Mining more ETH 17 1 ethereum
The Top Crypto Gaming Trends To Watch Unfold In 2022 And Beyond 17 12 CryptoMarkets
Is web 3 the future of the internet? Is it really the next big thing? What additions should we expect from web 3 over the next few years? 16 6 CryptoCurrency
Auditing Firms Claim Crypto.com Lost $15 Million in Incident as Users Report Suspicious Activity 16 0 CryptoCurrency
Crypto Mining in Space Ideas 16 3 CryptoCurrency
Why Stellar (XLM) Can Go To $0.50 Soon - Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 16 2 CryptoCurrency
Cardano goes 'full send' with a 50% ADA rally ahead of SundaeSwap launch 16 3 CryptoCurrency
Hackers Launder $15 Million Stolen From Crypto.com Using 'Mixer' App 16 6 CryptoCurrency
Citizens of Georgia Made to Take An Holy Oath Not to Mine Crypto 16 2 CryptoCurrency
A very bullish recap and outlook of BAT: What happened and will happen with Brave 16 4 CryptoCurrency
Welcome to the Crypto Internet of Sexual Degeneration 16 3 CryptoCurrency
Help! I sent my loops from Coinbase to my MetaMask wallet using layerswap, but nothing is showing in MetaMask and the funds have left my Coinbase account. 16 2 loopringorg
Polygon has invested in basically every potential scaling solution for scaling Ethereum: 16 13 CryptoCurrency
Crypto Hindsight Investments Co. LTD. 16 8 CryptoCurrency
Call it what you will - bear market, bull market, moon market, zero market 16 4 CryptoCurrency
Experts Raise Warnings about Steve Bannon’s New Cryptocurrency 15 0 CryptoCurrency