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Top 10 Most Discussed Stocks On Twitter

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RT @Mike31212106: Thanks to @GaryGensler for making the US stock market a joke worldwide. Thanks buddy $AMC $GME

RT @POTATO_INMYASS: New trend: #TheMarketIsAScam Let’s get this to #1 🔥 $GME $AMC

RT @rocketastronaut: $AMC we were NEVER wrong, moon🚀

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No Of Comments 832
No Of Tweets (retweet > 5) 173

Top 10 Most Discussed Stocks On Twitter (today)

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Stock Sentiment Sentiment Score No of Comments
AMC Bullish 0.041 79
TSLA Bullish 0.174 36
AMZN Bullish 0.056 28
NFLX Bearish -0.048 22
SAVA Bullish 0.545 19
GAN Bullish 0.365 18
SPY Bullish 0.081 18
SQ Bullish 0.025 17
BTC Bearish -0.01 16
GME Bearish -0.22 16
BBIG Bullish 0.033 15
MSFT Bullish 0.143 13
AAPL Bullish 0.149 11
BA Bearish -0.053 9
VALE Bearish -0.057 8
CSCO Bullish 0.307 7
DIS Bearish -0.056 7
SHOP Bullish 0.08 7
F Bullish 0.204 7
PLTR Bullish 0.139 6
ALGT Neutral 0.0 6
MU Bullish 0.172 6
COIN Bullish 0.103 6
IBM Bullish 0.264 6
ORGN Bullish 0.017 6
REFI Bullish 0.33 6
BYND Bullish 0.077 5
ATVI Bullish 0.072 5
VIX Bearish -0.175 5
HD Bullish 0.23 5
AFRM Bullish 0.286 4
MCD Bullish 0.195 4
SE Bullish 0.105 4
ROKU Bullish 0.325 4
DM Bullish 0.778 4
FCX Bullish 0.686 4
ETH Bullish 0.157 4
SPX Neutral 0.0 4
TWTR Bearish -0.068 4
NIO Bullish 0.089 4
FB Bullish 0.036 4
SB Bullish 0.106 4
BABA Bullish 0.087 4
NVDA Bullish 0.1 4
KHC Bullish 0.22 3
JPM Bullish 0.261 3
SNAP Bearish -0.043 3
QQQ Bullish 0.134 3
SBUX Bullish 0.147 3
UPST Bearish -0.34 3
ARKK Bullish 0.017 3
WE Bullish 0.079 3
LCID Bearish -0.113 3
ALTR Neutral 0.0 3
CLH Bullish 0.639 3
AMD Bearish -0.156 3
ASTS Bullish 0.121 3
PLUG Bearish -0.163 3
PTON Neutral 0.0 3
MRNA Bearish -0.139 3
PYPL Bearish -0.172 3
DKNG Bullish 0.101 2
CMG Bearish -0.421 2
XOM Bullish 0.356 2
WMT Bearish -0.068 2
SOS Neutral 0.0 2
MO Bullish 0.409 2
VRTX Bullish 0.494 2
PFE Bullish 0.349 2
NEGG Bullish 0.411 2
PVSP Bullish 0.335 2
LMND Bullish 0.426 2
GOOGL Bearish -0.058 2
TGT Bearish -0.114 2
ZM Bullish 0.359 2
EXPO Bullish 0.279 2
HOOD Bearish -0.35 2
DWAC Bullish 0.069 2
GS Bullish 0.117 2
IWM Bullish 0.161 2
COST Bullish 0.088 2
VIV Bullish 0.229 2
POTATO Neutral 0.0 2
GOOG Neutral 0.0 2
ASTR Bullish 0.118 2
SYS Neutral 0.0 2
SOFI Bullish 0.399 2
AMGN Bullish 0.382 2
DDOG Bullish 0.066 2
COOK Bullish 0.436 2
HIVE Neutral 0.0 2
ILUS Neutral 0.0 2
BRKL Neutral 0.0 2
AMPL Neutral 0.0 2
INTC Neutral 0.0 2
AVXL Bullish 0.544 2
NOW Neutral 0.0 2
RHE Bullish 0.148 2
NOC Bearish -0.238 2
RIVN Bullish 0.187 2

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AMC RT @Mike31212106: Thanks to @GaryGensler for making the US stock market a joke worldwide. Thanks buddy $AMC $GME
GME RT @POTATO_INMYASS: New trend: #TheMarketIsAScam Let’s get this to #1 🔥 $GME $AMC
AMC RT @rocketastronaut: $AMC we were NEVER wrong, moon🚀
AMC RT @AMC_Apee: Look at the price compared to OBV… This is crime. $AMC #AMC https://t.co/e1G05XF6Os
AMC RT @StonksBatman: $AMC has no LEADERS. APE = All People Equal.
AMC RT @TheBumDusters: If you’re holding $AMC, you’re doing it right.
AMC RT @MuttleyInvesti1: $AMC $GME This is how big it got. https://t.co/fshGwai5GU
AMC RT @fitnessbybob: Buying More $AMC #AMC Dubai is holding 💎 🤚
AMC RT @Mancfella: This coming week is possibly the biggest week for $AMC since it all began. #AMC #AMCtothemoon #AMCAPES
AMC RT @FNez_Blogger: Everything is slowly unfolding as it should $AMC $GME 🍿🎮
AMC RT @PjMaceno: $AMC Can we collectively, as a group, be a "Whistleblower?"
GME RT @Sec_Citadel: If you don’t have $GME or $AMC in your portfolio what are you actually doing with your life?
TSLA RT @teslafolder: Listen $TSLA is at its LOWEST real 2 year forward PE SINCE 2020…. https://t.co/7DMBCX9Ipj
BTC RT @Investingcom: $BTC $ETH https://t.co/Zdzctjfqqv
AMC RT @POTATO_INMYASS: He’s back and he’s horny. 😂 @alfromboston617 $AMC https://t.co/wueWGsjrkS
AMC RT @TaraBull808: Shorts starting fights on Twitter... Me knowing no amount of drama will make me sell my $AMC shares.
AMC RT @rocketastronaut: ignorance is both a blessing and a curse, blessed to have gotten $AMC 💥🚀
TSLA RT @Teslaconomics: Be my guest, I'm not fuckin selling. $TSLA #Tesla https://t.co/TaUg66vzT9
FOA RT @mattia_perci: Lets go @SolarbotsIO Lets go $FOA Im hyped with this project!!!🤩😎 #NFTs #P2E https://t.co/7TtzzE6xu8
AMC RT @rocketastronaut: POSITIVE VIBES $AMC no no no no DRAMA we no want no DRAMA, new BLOCK

Top Tweets From Influencers

Stock Tweet No Of Followers
KSS @ecommerceshares I didn’t realize $KSS still had a market cap this small although I’m seeing EV of $10-11B 554552
ARKK @AndreWorrell7 @CathieDWood I would not be surprised if $ARKK does a 20-25% CAGR over the next 5 years but 40% is a… https://t.co/TR7GMBexIS 554551
SHOP @MFIndyAnthony @tobi @harleyf I got back into $SHOP a week ago around $1050 with 1% position. I’ve added a few time… https://t.co/GZkKPPxiHJ 554551
RELI Stocks With The Highest Short Interest $RELI – SI 183% $ISIG – SI 72% $PIK – SI 70% $CZOO – SI 65% $CRTX – SI 52%… https://t.co/7aAXy7WUP3 275882
F RT @CarlPHI22278711: $F for the win @petenajarian @Thestory0fmoney @Bobby_Don_Welch 206441
LCID $LCID In search for the bounce! 📈 Falls back on the volume by price POC in convergence with the swing low VWAP 👀 https://t.co/UGxmtCQ7Tb 194955
F $F Blue doji 💧 producing on the monthly on the extended breakout ☝️ https://t.co/GQzWyeMuuW 194949
NIO $NIO Break out to newer lows as price falls through support ❌ https://t.co/dKcEeSxaIM 194931
ETH $ETH #Ethereum Crypto watched the market last week and thought "My turn" 🙃 https://t.co/qwXmWXDsJN 194894
COIN $COIN Entering the Deep Zone ✋ https://t.co/Fxvc7j0HAJ 194772
FB $FB Death cross in effect as price breaks the H&S formation on the daily ☠️ https://t.co/LOKGeA9uhS 194748
DIS $DIS 🐭 The Mouse gets stomped by the bear 🐻 Flag breakout breaks the 2020 low VWAP 📉 https://t.co/OxilqAVuHR 194739
TWTR Price is currently holding off the $TWTR IPO anchored VWAP 👀 https://t.co/kOsX0jDkSD 194739
PTON "You can copy my homework, but change it a little so they don't look the same" $PTON https://t.co/hBnCrylVcF 194722
SPX #630club Sunday Funday! $spx $qqq $btc https://t.co/ErL7XWT5bp 168898
SPY @mphelps100 I personally think the whole market is going to dip more, so I’m not longing anything right now. $SPY b… https://t.co/TDM0EaMSwG 139111
RIVN Winners from Play of the Week Ep. 8: Large-cap: ⁦@TSDR_Trading⁩ - SHORT $RIVN; -17.46% last week (2nd consecutive… https://t.co/upckCwHd4u 125457
BTC #Bitcoin $BTC https://t.co/toZ030qNt8 125450
F RT @UPBOptionMil: Largest stock option open interest changes from this past week $F $BHC $QD $CS $F $UBER $FTCH $GM $MQ $TWTR $NLY https:/… 112084
AAPL RT @UPBOptionMil: This past weeks most active stock options $AAPL $TSLA $CVS $SOFI $MSFT $FB $AMC $AMD https://t.co/kBgE0sjFps 112084
XLI 8 months of consolidating. Which way does it resolve? $XLI https://t.co/Apsn2vCqN5 109574
BTC Besides that retail induced fadeout in an illiquid tape over Xmas there really was no reason to buy da dip. $BTC https://t.co/CMBy6f3CAs 106292
BTC Even if $BTC upside channel breaks from here it will struggle at the trendline backtest. Historically when this hap… https://t.co/TL7nKJT7kc 106292
SPY @unusual_whales $SPY calls https://t.co/3VUrjXDU8c 106096
SPY @phillipblevins @LukeTweetsSoon $SPY calls &’ $F puts. 106085
MSFT Earnings Previews & Option Analysis/Strategies for week ahead in $MSFT $TSLA $AAPL $V $CAT https://t.co/vTkXOj9gdB 92900
BTC $BTC Bag holders of $COIN $MSTR $HIVE $RIOT $MARA $HUT will be praying the Monthly support holds, although a liquid… https://t.co/sIcSJq6DA1 92596
HAL $HAL Has Halliburton already emptied the tank prior to earnings on Monday mornings? ⬇ ⬆ https://t.co/NY69DEjJSJ 91714
IBM $IBM 9 Years within the descending channel and wedged between Monthly MA support & resistance, earnings after the b… https://t.co/iu7d7qWsY4 91676
SPX RT @JessicaMenton: Since 1950, $SPX averages an intra-year pullback of 17.1% in midterm years (via @RyanDetrick). But final 3 months of a m… 88807
TSLA RT @StockMKTNewz: Tesla $TSLA reports earnings after the markets close on Wednesday, Wall ST is expecting numbers of EPS of $2.36 up from… 83571
TSLA Screw the fancy LinkedIn titles, big home, and nice Tesla. Just give me some $TSLA and some god%amn peace & quiet. https://t.co/4aX5G5aFqn 79461
SE Most sustainable megatrends of this decade? 1) E-Commerce 🛍️ $SE $MELI $SHOP $ETSY $AMZN 2) Gaming/AR & VR/Meta… https://t.co/FVTJ1X9xJz 79454
AMZN IS $AMZN GOING TO $2200 ?? I HOPE NOT 👀👀👀 https://t.co/0NpyvOCoEB 77139
ZM $ZM another pandemic trade about to finish it's round trip. They need other software and services. https://t.co/QT0Ckczo3C 72298
TWTR $TWTR new 52W low this will be the first report for the new CEO. I'll wait to hear it https://t.co/ka2tglOm0E 72298
SHOP @mcclellan_atl You could, but $SHOP was considered to be very overvalued at that time as well. Tough call on this… https://t.co/wIYzrI8VUe 72298
NVDA $NVDA Gap filled some support here @ 230 watch earnings on the other names this week, will move off them https://t.co/FJuvVgaBNl 72296
GOOGL $GOOGL Finally gave up the ghost, gap to fill here, earnings not for another week https://t.co/eKGLJb1BqY 72296
FB $FB 300 a big spot yet again in play. https://t.co/knUZGtyW7F 72296
AMZN $AMZN Weekly chart big consolidation pattern break down here. See how it reacts. Personally I would wait to see how… https://t.co/Z2iyAyi87E 72296
TSLA $TSLA earnings Wed. We know they had fabulous deliveries, that is baked in. Elon promising us a production update,… https://t.co/zkpj9gENmM 72296
SMH $SMH Stil stronger than the $QQQ not to the 200D yet. but sector lost it's upper channel https://t.co/oiW3Eij0iy 72296
RBLX $RBLX We continue to unwind the very early Metaverse trade. 60 is the IPO low and key hold https://t.co/yrgMR0anwX 72296
TGT $TGT nice descending wedge pattern here to 215 https://t.co/ybYIHU1SHp 72296
CRM $CRM This is a well run and very profitable software company. $NOW this week, if strong this one may move w/ it. J… https://t.co/Y7NYGk4SrJ 72296
CRWD $CRWD New 52W low, next support @ 150 pandemic trade doesn't unwind here til 60 area.. https://t.co/E1OEnnnpqj 72296
SQ $SQ under the 8D since Nov 18th... that is the trend, has to break it now. Pandemic trade unwinds @ 90 https://t.co/fcVqhqtJst 72296
MSFT $MSFT This one is all about guidance, which is on the call. 200D very close here https://t.co/SaLvqYRGJ6 72296
QCOM $QCOM Still holding better than most names in the sector.. 152.5 still has a big unfilled gap if we get ugly... https://t.co/1bTZEtlivt 72296
NKE $NKE That huge gap is calling here, in it again possible move down to the 134 and change area https://t.co/IrQGn1I11L 72296
AAPL $AAPL Earnings Thursday will day trade into it if strong, 158 area in play on weakness. https://t.co/tlMIcPK6EX 72296
ABNB $ABNB 150 still holding, Would really love this at 120 still on my watch list https://t.co/zDackIbhm3 72296
AAPL @stocktrader300 Oh it was mentioned. I agree $AAPL will take one look at their disaster of book keeping and say NTY… https://t.co/ePkLvjy6Jk 72296
SPCE $SPCE We are close to ATL's... this is not a name for this market nope. not at all https://t.co/Vfly3QA02h 72296
PYPL $PYPL New 52W low, people keep trying to pump this name and down it goes. 120 may still be in play, wait for earnin… https://t.co/mKhaZ9bD3E 72296
ATVI $ATVI Last chart unless something changes. Trade over bought out $95 a share grats to those that took it! Why is it… https://t.co/bV4oOiRKcn 72296
AMAT $AMAT What a ugly reversal this week, From ATH close 2 Friday's ago to under the 200D. You have to use stops https://t.co/fWaha5g1rS 72296
SNAP $SNAP 16 month look.. that big gap being filled 28 could be interesting if CEO has fixed their $AAPL problems and s… https://t.co/QOdNoH7m1O 72296
MU $MU Another big fast unwind here. $81 some support then the 200D maybe.... $INTC $TXN this week among others see… https://t.co/lLe9duByU8 72296
PLTR $PLTR New 52W low, 10 in play on this one as well https://t.co/XqCxTkpYup 72296
AMD $AMD Why I leave old drawings on my charts, so I can extend them. Broke the ledge and the 100D, 112.5 next support… https://t.co/qeqxxKX6Jt 72296
PINS $PINS Weekly Chart pandemic trade still being eradicated... 25 key level to watch https://t.co/MFeOTlcNoc 72296
WMT $WMT This name just trades ugly... no feel for it avoiding it. https://t.co/cycUZiHBjZ 72296
LULU $LULU watch 305. Stupidest rumor this week, they will buy $PTON.. Hey they already overpaid and have hue issues w/… https://t.co/wC0h3Imanj 72296
HD $HD 200D interesting spot, I'll wait for earnings though https://t.co/1ObZL1K0ZS 72296
SHOP $SHOP Attention Kay Mart shoppers we have a blue light special... 50% + hair cut now 850 area is a support zone her… https://t.co/KOJkGDB4F0 72296
EA $EA holding strong after $ATVI and $ZNGA bought out. Odds of this one getting bought out now pretty low, not many c… https://t.co/cN0jC7VNLA 72296
AMC $AMC 10 area gets very interesting for this one, probably about the right valuation https://t.co/Vob3uaxEPs 72296
COST $COST Slowly unwinding the big move 470 support https://t.co/lTny8RKTnn 72296
BABA $BABA and back under all the Moving averages. No feel 1110 again back in play https://t.co/4X8n1Zadai 72291
LCID $LCID Lock up over and still holding 36, that is the key level to hold https://t.co/LX87qb2Rm9 72291
BA $BA Want to hear their guidance this week, downtrend has to be cleared. https://t.co/JuIuEgHT6p 72291
DIS $DIS Weekly shows a gap to fill still... this one has almost undone the pandemic trade: https://t.co/44BB44ProB D… https://t.co/tdGInr8Nd9 72291
JD $JD One of the better China names, trying to hold the 21D after a big flush. I have little interest in the entire… https://t.co/7zAmhRuUiF 72291
F $F Finally gave up the ghost this week, I nibbled on the 50D 19 key level to hold now https://t.co/sd2d18Y4ak 72291
FDX $FDX may want to fill that gap here down to $238 area https://t.co/n0kuRfmHGm 72291
AAL $AAL Airlines earnings were decent, but not enough to move the needle. 52W low in play here @ 15 https://t.co/GfohEccEbJ 72291
MARA $MARA typically the miners turn up ahead of crypto. Something to watch for this week https://t.co/bsk4RF00HA 72291
ALB $ALB Lithium play has pulled back to the 200D. Lithium still a great way to play the EV craze not as name dependen… https://t.co/fSW0m9h4vw 72291
NIO $NIO Now breaking the lower range, new 52W low... 26 then 22 for support here https://t.co/tPOiRVFowD 72291
BITO $BITO Bitcoin currently trading @ 35k after breaking to $34k yesterday, to me 29k is in play. This etf becomes inte… https://t.co/6k0NrFD78M 72291
WYNN $WYNN $LVS reports this week, if good I might take a piece of this one. Love the Macau renewal https://t.co/eH3tPPHGBu 72291
DKNG $DKNG All the way back to just about it's IPO price. Weekly chart to show the carnage here. No interest in this one… https://t.co/biZWCHs19L 72291
CMG $CMG This got ugly fast. Found some support here @ 1375. 1325 next level to watch if we go lower https://t.co/qj3kQpTe7u 72291
KHC $KHC Safety, value.. needs to clear the 200D to move https://t.co/diTkKk4wLh 72291
CLF $CLF Watching these basic material trades unwind fast now. Very oversold, watch for a bounce plus bunch of names i… https://t.co/I2juYYBzwl 72291
MO $MO Safety, Value, Dividend.. Check check check and holding strong. https://t.co/NE6Qe3VHFl 72291
KO $KO Another value safety name holding in very well, wish it didn't move so slowly. https://t.co/KCitKLkLDR 72291
NOC $NOC $LMT $GD same boat, watching Ukraine, my guess is they front ran additional weapons spending but will watch th… https://t.co/Zaj8KPLxQX 72291
AA $AA Solid report and guidance. Watch to see if it holds 54 https://t.co/KoJckPbqOl 72291
COIN $COIN new all time low. Price discovery now in play. https://t.co/H5OPiZREFa 72291
GLD $GLD Watching this one closely now, long term charts getting very interesting to me. Slow mover https://t.co/b6R15DG1s8 72291
ROKU $ROKU Weekly chart, 140 support if not then watch 120.. Pandemic trade wiped out https://t.co/elXGG9gRxc 72291
NFLX $NFLX 2 standard deviation move down on earnings, This is why I would wait til after earnings on names for longs he… https://t.co/igAtQ9Tmqp 72291
SBUX $SBUX clinging to dear life here. $MCD this week, want to hear what they have to say.. 95 key level to hold https://t.co/bu2YlAB6TQ 72291
SLV $SLV Precious metals perking up, over the 200D this one may go. https://t.co/Ky1C6av0Cy 72291
RIDE $RIDE Warning to many of the other small EV name, this one is going to have to reverse split shortly to stay on th… https://t.co/ZDRrWF8zmp 72291
SOFI $SOFI Nice pop to the 50D and pulled back. I like it over 14, becoming a national bank good and bad (more regulatio… https://t.co/DprcF1HIDp 72289
XLF $XLF Still above the 200D amazingly. Strength in names here still which is why it's holding up. https://t.co/xsjiypn9zd 72289
ABT $ABT Completely capitulated even though Testing is through the roof. Gap below still to be filled, no feel on this… https://t.co/4FKuc06oSS 72289
AFRM $AFRM Still riding the 8D down, has to close above it to change this chart. 50 area is a key hold. https://t.co/CCufVa4lIe 72289
IBB $IBB Weekly chart shows the carnage, the fact that I have to go to a weekly says sector getting destroyed. This one… https://t.co/Bl7IcaBOZ0 72289
XOM $XOM Still above the 8D, again I want to see some more earnings in this space.. $HAL Tomorrow am https://t.co/uWXwZPre8z 72289
XLE $XLE Finally pulled in on Friday's action, watch the Ukraine situation. Crude could spike hard on any big action th… https://t.co/Y8kMYND0jH 72289
UPST $UPST This one has been oversold for 2 months and doesn't care. Gap still to fill lower here if it wants it. Other… https://t.co/ZqbxrlCuWl 72289
CVS $CVS pulled back below the 8D for now, Closing in on it's ATH. https://t.co/gmGOxpYQAI 72289
GS $GS If we bounce this one could be played to the gap, but not sure it will have the power to get into it here. Ver… https://t.co/ylPom7ecOf 72289
JPM $JPM Obscenely oversold, I haven't' seen a 5 day down move on a big bank like this since.... well 2008? Into suppor… https://t.co/X4IUKhrQwN 72289
MS $MS Big time strength in this market holding in well after earnings. Go to status right now for banks https://t.co/kidndv5hev 72289
VIX $VIX almost 30, pushing further out of the BB's, watching for a close back inside them now for possible risk on. https://t.co/QrR3252gvJ 72289
IWM $IWM Weekly chart, daily not much help her, we broke the 11 month range with authority. You have some support @ 190… https://t.co/0rk5iw7ekn 72289
AMGN $AMGN Holding in stronger than sector by far, On the 21D, 200D just below here. Key holds ... https://t.co/B8sAQacwah 72289
ARKK $ARKK Weekly Chart, $60 area would undo the pandemic trade, which appears to be in progress https://t.co/dgSyaCBOkO 72289
SPY $SPY Very extended down now and oversold, finally big volume as we shot below the 200D, gap to fill here, I'd watch… https://t.co/6RH1oKWZLQ 72289
PG $PG to quote Chris from our discord "Diapers FTW". Honey badger here, not everything is getting destroyed, hit a A… https://t.co/0AhMwLgG4h 72289
PFE $PFE Downtrend still in full force, 51 support area https://t.co/J5fyHhsk8d 72289
MRK $MRK Bounced off the 21D on Friday, again looking for charts showing relative strength in this market https://t.co/bLcGI3huHZ 72289
BMY $BMY Stil some strength here, Hold of the 21D would be very very strong https://t.co/xdk3OVsTwW 72289
QQQ $QQQ Officially in a correction now, small support @ 350 then 342.5. Again very extended down here, would look for… https://t.co/zN6j08SBi3 72289
BTC Personally I can’t wait for Monday $BTC https://t.co/dVjlGzXZRV 72159
SPY Why you MUST HEDGE with $SPY Options - Step by Step Guide Let's discuss how to protect your portfolio with PUTS L… https://t.co/8lU3RRBUjJ 58480
KHC $KHC, Weekly https://t.co/ZuzSXyNDfx 57700
DWAC RT @Mini_Tradez: Do I have to keep showing my gains for haters to go crawl back in their hole? Because I will. +33k💰 $DWAC $DATS $SOFI $L… 52158
AMZN What a beast catching $AMZN at $204.95 and still holding. That’s why we have the best team. No doubt @bluechips333 https://t.co/iGDJRDOzjJ 52155
VRTX Weekly #CANSLIM scan powered by @MarketSmith Sorted by 3 Month Relative Strength 💪 👍 & 🔁 1. $VRTX 2. $MATX 3. $BG 4… https://t.co/4y5ydRIZbA 49092
BTC Yea I’m sitting on some cash, want to deploy some into buying more $BTC and $ETH — this buy, if I do buy some more… https://t.co/osy8fIMyai 46807
ETH Time to pick up some more $ETH and $BTC? Looks like it. Can’t go wrong with buying some more at these levels. 46795
SKLZ My cost average price on $SKLZ is really $22 SKLZ is trading at $4.80 as of now https://t.co/7suApLDG5s 46758
ETHBTC #Ethereum $ETHBTC gives the heads up before $ETHUSD weakness. These BTC pairings often give little clues to help d… https://t.co/8P00s9lyxl 44735
IBM 💥This Week's Most Notable #Earnings: *Mon: $IBM $HAL $STLD $ZION *Tues: $MSFT $JNJ $MMM $VZ $AXP $GE $LMT $RTX… https://t.co/bk86tW2AIT 40865
BTC RT @Investingcom: $BTC $ETH https://t.co/Zdzctjfqqv 40851
SPX RT @alphacharts365: State of the Market Video where I go over $SPX $RSP $QQQ $IWM $SMH $XLF $WOOD $PCCE $IEI / $HYG $VIX $VALUG $BTC and tr… 39843
NFLX It’s hardest job I have done and the most rewarding one. Very few people get lucky like that $NFLX trade guy. 6k to… https://t.co/rdAU13chaE 38537
AFRM Can I buy $AFRM puts now and pay later ? 38431
PFE It’s wiser to be short Pfizer. $PFE 38431
NUTZ @FNStonerman When $NUTZ hang 38387
BTC I’ll let you know when to buy the $BTC #Bitcoin dip. 38387
ROKU Finalized notes for $ROKU play video breakdown will have uploaded this afternoon 🧑‍🚀 https://t.co/IdusoMTLS6 35984
HD Weeks Plays 1-21🧑‍🚀 • $HD 370c 1.5 to 3🚀 $CAT 225c .9 to 1.5 $RIVN 72c 1 to 1.8 $ROKU 170p 1 to 18(1700%)☢️ $LRCX 6… https://t.co/vN1tFDT0vQ 35897
AFRM Peeps didn’t like $AFRM in the thread last time so here you go🤣 35897
AMD $AMD DD🧑‍🚀 • $AMD CLOSED under 120 making it vulnerable to more downside⚠️ • If $AMD fails last weeks lows at 118…1… https://t.co/YEOugxVBFZ 35715
AMC $AMC & $GME holders soon 🤣 https://t.co/Av0ZQdWmAs 35715
TSLA $TSLA DD🧑‍🚀 • Help us @elonmusk you’re our only hope💫 • The fate of the galaxy depends on TSLAs earnings on 1/26📊 •… https://t.co/86KpW6rgVS 35656
HD RT @JPATrades: If you compounded my plays you could have taken $1000 to over 750K🤯 • $HD 370c 1.5 to 3🚀 $CAT 225c .9 to 1.5 (twice) $RIVN 7… 35656
SNAP $SNAP DD🧑‍🚀 • Growth names rocket UP & rocket DOWN🎭 • Line in the sand for sand for $SNAP is at 30…A close under 30… https://t.co/vYpMVYZqGY 35656
SNOW $SNOW resurrecting from my Do Not Trade list… wake me up at 240 https://t.co/c8XfRLrh6B 33901
NIO 1/24 Watchlist 🔮 $NIO 30c > 27.75 | 25p < 26.95 $PYPL 170c > 165.30 | 155p < 161.85 $PFE 54c > 53.07 | 51p < 52.50… https://t.co/pfX5DfuM6i 33888
PTON Tripling my $PTON 0p position off the $SMH action. 33824
MRNA @data168 As much as I want to keep shorting $MRNA with you, I’ll consider semis downside 🤣 33824
PEP $PEP #PEP Weekly Chart King of the unsexy trades. We had a beautiful bounce off that 21 weekly EMA. We just brok… https://t.co/24cNjewrsQ 32169
XOM $XOM #XOM Weekly Chart We have earnings coming up on 2/1. We're getting tight inside the rising wedge with a false… https://t.co/5IefCziHVI 32166
VALE $VALE #VALE Weekly Chart This is a Brazilian company engaged in metals and mining and one of the largest logistics… https://t.co/X913F26RUA 32158
TTWO $TTWO #TTWO Weekly Chart Massive bull flag forming on the weekly chart. We saw a nice bounce at the .618 Fibonacci… https://t.co/9CXgoRdNgW 32158
FCX $FCX #FCX Weekly Chart This is a copper/gold play. We've held up well with the sell off bouncing off the 50 SMA a… https://t.co/QXYDaL5c5Z 32154
CLOU $CLOU #CLOU Weekly Chart Tracking an ABC correction off a 5 wave move up. $AKAMAKAMAI $MIMEMIMECAST $WDAYWORKDAY… https://t.co/HPbxRpisYf 32073
EEM $EEM #EEM Weekly Chart iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF Top Holdings Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., L… https://t.co/wecx7HwXcM 32073
AAPL what a breakdown here on $AAPL https://t.co/9vM6a9nrt6 looking for this to move down to the 160 level but after th… https://t.co/yQazhJ6kvG 29394
F $F epic move down and now losing the right at a trend line. If we lose the 20.67 level be on the lookout for this… https://t.co/7OUZsFAhXS 29383
VALE @Yahsookay I still love $VALE--fell on Thursday and Friday but ended a shitty week up INCLUDING a 6% run on a 2% in… https://t.co/896JMk2sEZ 26864
MSFT $MSFT Daily broke below an important pivot at 305, 200 EMA now being tested for the first time since Early 2020.… https://t.co/cnHFDQc0Or 21699
ARKK $ARKK Could see 61 area being max pain, as its around the Pre-Covid highs. Only time will tell, but $ARKK will be… https://t.co/ppfc0iNHbn 21699
QQQ $QQQ 350 is the level to watch into FED as a possibly weekly head and shoulders might be developing. https://t.co/bVsQINC4I0 21699
AAPL $AAPL Head and shoulders breakdown--100 EMA at 160 is the next level to watch. https://t.co/QHIvMivn4C https://t.co/viaJtOJRT8 21699
TSLA RT @thatstocksgirl: After losing on some contracts this morning made my losses back up. LFG $TSLA 36% 🤑🙌🏼 https://t.co/8PIKlQc0Gm 20408
AMD $AMD Sitting at a very interesting place right now, heading into earnings next week on Feb 01. Do we hold, or con… https://t.co/ryYGL1Prtr 19955
WISH @SmallGains1111 You’ve been long $WISH since the beginning of time. 19511
AMC Remember when $AMC was going to 100k lol 19506
SE RT @BackpackerFI: Most sustainable megatrends of this decade? 1) E-Commerce 🛍️ $SE $MELI $SHOP $ETSY $AMZN 2) Gaming/AR & VR/Metaverse… 16686
BRKN @BrokenSeaDao is another passive income opportunity , you will earn $BRKN tokens. I think this is worth a look!… https://t.co/544LkBFvxJ 16686
BANANA Riddle me this. Genesis Kongz yield 10 $BANANA a day which currently is priced at $16 each banana and has a floor o… https://t.co/vnD53529xH 16686
MSFT RT @DisruptorStocks: Very important week with 3 of the MARKET HEROES reporting. As they go, we go. $MSFT Tue $TSLA Wed $AAPL Thur Later wil… 16678
ASTS RT @PeeLoosy: $ASTS No starlink for Tonga. https://t.co/wYNr4L3fmF https://t.co/zcFA13WxbQ 16678
IBM RT @reilly_mcadams: Earnings this week... Monday: $IBM $HAL $LOGI Tuesday: $JNJ $GE $MSFT $LMT $VZ $MMM Wednesday: $T $BA $TSLA $INTC $LC… 16678
AAPL RT @TicTocTick: Tremendous earnings + FOMC this week .. are you ready folks? $AAPL $MCD $BX $HOOD $V $MSFT $LMT $GE $AXP $XLNX $TS… 16678
PPGH RT @SpacLLC: Y’all just buy some $PPGH. 16673
PENN RT @MetaOptions: #Daytrade $PENN was a nice long on Thurs from the free daily plan Shares went 2.78%🔥 🔥Options went 113% Look⬇️ Follow f… 15398
NOW RT @The_RockTrading: Here's $NOW, then at 700, NOW at 507. Trading 18x Rev. Analysts keeps pushing $700 PT. I may take puts for ER on 1/26… 15398
TSLA RT @Nasimul1978: $TSLA to rip after earnings and $AMZN to dip after earnings if you guys are into your options trading 😎 https://t.co/YGAjR… 15398
AMZN RT @1991Wolfpack: @OptionsMike Took over a year & serious gap down; but I finally got assigned $AMZN from short puts; hedged portion with c… 15398
TRQ RT @SweepCastApp: SweepCast alerted: $TRQ with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $14 PUT Expiring: 02-18-2022 worth 36K🐻 |🥇 The trade ha… 15398
RGBP RT @BuggaTss: $RGBP In the case of NR2F6, nobody else is as advanced in terms of studies, trials, patent protection, approval & hours put… 15398
PLUG RT @HMichel01: $plug Real price will come out soon; Follow price targets.. https://t.co/Vo5tuyvqVJ 15398
PLUG RT @j0ta_ka: @snorlax_uw Time to $PLUG in… 15398
VRTX RT @TraderLion_: Weekly #CANSLIM scan powered by @MarketSmith Sorted by 3 Month Relative Strength 💪 👍 & 🔁 1. $VRTX 2. $MATX 3. $BG 4. $MUSA… 15398
MO RT @Dividend_Dollar: You can earn dividend EVERY month with Quarterly paying dividend stocks. Here are some stocks to do just that $MO $… 15398
CEG RT @LfxD10: $CEG: $EXC Spinoff is a profitable alt energy (nuke, wind, solar) utlitly company. I expect it to explode upwards in the first… 15398
YUMC RT @SweepCastApp: SweepCast alerted: $YUMC with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $42.5 PUT Expiring: 04-14-2022 worth 36K🐻 |🥇 The trade… 15398
AMZN RT @Preston_Trades: Major Sectors For The Next Decade: E-Commerce: $AMZN $MELI $SE $SHOP Metaverse/Gaming: $FB $MSFT $NVDA $RBLX $U Cyb… 15398
NFLX RT @Nicole1515: Or $NFLX is heavily saturated, or this happens first quarter every year, or they still had AWESOME user numbers. Or just ge… 15398
TPR RT @Tipperxrpl: Our Twitter giveaway is finished. Here are 7 lucky winners: + 1000 $TPR 🏆 @jaymojica11 @vincentcruz777 @braja_colades @… 15398
ISIG RT @BigWaveTrading: 1 for 1 today with an $ISIG scalp. Missed a very nice post 11am setup in $CPOP. Second day in a row that setup has work… 15398
NOVC RT @ValInv1: Barry Igdaloff + Howard Amster 2 of 3 $NOVC Board Directors made a mint reorganizing Dynex Capital $DX thanks to Wesley Edens,… 15398
PYPL RT @SupremeSwinger: @Shakalulu $PYPL who is the idiot who bought at $310 $260 $200 now $160s 🤣 so there will idiots whose stop will be tak… 15398
AMZN RT @BillBigD: @WolfOfWeedST As you know it is all about timely as even $AMZN had a 90% haircut 😜 15398
NVDA RT @HMichel01: $nvda Real price will come out soon; Follow price targets.. https://t.co/Vo5tuyvqVJ 15398
AMZN RT @OptionsMike: $AMZN Weekly chart big consolidation pattern break down here. See how it reacts. Personally I would wait to see how they d… 15398
BYND RT @AdrianRoznowski: @CNBC $bynd. At least they are trying to not be disguisting. 15398
VALE RT @HMichel01: $vale Real price will come out soon; Follow price targets.. https://t.co/Vo5tuyvqVJ 15398